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Urge Your Representatives in Congress to Support Legislation to Reform the Important H-2B Guest Worker Program

The H-2B guest worker program is important to BrightView. It allows us to supplement our existing teams during times of peak demand, helping our crews deliver industry-leading service. BrightView is among the nation’s leading users of H-2B visas. 

Right now, we and other seasonal businesses are faced with a significant challenge. Demand for guest workers is extremely high this year and we need your help urging Congress to takes steps to fix the H-2B program.

A bipartisan bill was drafted last year that we believe will help reform H-2B and relieve some of the shortfall, both this year and in the years to come. The authors of the bill are collecting co-sponsors from both parties, which is where you can help. Enter your information on this website and a letter to legislators will be automatically generated. Bi-partisan legislative support for this measure signals the importance of H-2B to businesses across the nation and will help free up visas this year and set the program up for even more significant improvements in 2023.

Thank you for supporting BrightView and this important program.  

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